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593 Sold Out of 2M

Buy the First Latina Princess 3D Feature Film by buying an early bird ticket now! Only 2 million tickets all available for only $9 each. All images of tickets are of unique castle crew princess’s not one alike and some with even more rare traits than others. If all 2 million sell out by 2023 we will finally be able to finish the movie!


Thank you for your purchase! It will be sent to you within 1 hour (24hr to 48hr) max. It wont take you to check out page just make sure to follow up with us on discord or email if any questions or concern. Thanks again!

Lets be the first to prove Gary Vee right!

Screen Shot 2022-08-10 at 2.21.28 AM

WaifuLabs (they,them) – Dev/Generating/Community


Aaron Leupp – Creator