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823 Sold Out of 2M

Help Fund the First Latina Princess 3D Feature Film by buying a unique early bird digital ticket now! Only 2 million tickets all available for only $9 each. All digital images of tickets are of unique castle crew princess’s not one alike and some with even more rare traits than others. If all 2 million sell out by 2023 we will finally be able to finish the movie and you can own a portion of the back end of the film! This is basically a kickstart but with real incentive and you can finally be a shark in this sharktank. And for this reason you are out.


Thank you for your purchase! It will be sent to you within 1 hour (24hr to 48hr) max. It wont take you to check out page just make sure to follow up with us on discord or email [email protected] if any questions or concern. Thanks again!

Lets be the first to prove Gary Vee right!

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Aaron Leupp – Creator